WhatsUp Companion v4.3

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the new version of WhatsUpCompanion, the single plug-in improving your WhatsUp Gold console.


This v4.3 release includes a new FREE version that contains 10 free active monitors and a bunch of integrated APM profiles.


Active Monitors included in WhatsUp Companion FREE :

– Apache

– DHCP Extended

– DHCP Scope

– DNS Monitor Extended


– FileParser

– HTTP Certificate
– MySQL Monitor

– SFTP Monitor

– Telnet Monitor Extended


APM profiles integrated in WhatsUp Companion FREE :


– APM Apache Web Server

– APM IBM DB2 Database

– APM Informix Database

– APM MySQL Database

– APM PostGreSQL Database

– APM IBM Websphere 6,7 and 8.